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Ventilated curtain wall and raised access floor in lava stone

Ventilated curtain wall and raised access floor in lava stone



Techlever Engineering develops and produces substructure systems for ventilated curtain walls that would be competitively priced and could be installed rapidly. Systems are based exclusively on the use of vertical elements that have been designed to allow for workbench pre-assembly, thus avoiding situations whereby the sections are awaiting on-site assembly, which cannot take place due to variable weather conditions. The sections offer maximum flexibility and make it easy to mount the facing panels, and equally easy to substitute any of those panels should they become damaged over time.
The research team has developed almost all of substructure systems, which are unusual in that they enable the anchoring of aisi type 304 stainless-steel external curtain wall hooks to extruded aluminium alloy uprights without the use of rivets, while still guaranteeing a solid, permanently fixed attachment.

Jvp is a long established italian company, able to apply at its best the innovative made in italy feeling. Calietra shares this philosophy so as to create a partnership for the raises access floor jvp 4×4 systems: panel’s external steel enveloping to ensure the best possible resistance to construction site abuse. After several proofs with different materials, galvanised steel has been chosen as most suitable to guarantee the robustness needed. The raised access floor is a kind of raised platform designed to have a surface to walk on and to support furniture. It comprises pedestals applied on the concrete slab to support the panels, creating a void for house piping, cabling and many other possible services.

Italian Contribution to the project

After the partnership with Techlever, Calietra gets into upholstery sector for building.

Calietra and Techlever created Techlever SS 45 Plus system, which is able to offer the uk market a substructure for facings such as natural stone, meaning that architects can make the most of the elegance of stone even when it is used as an exterior facing in a ventilated curtain wall. 

Calietra with its natural lava stone materials allow customization of covering and gives personality and elegance to the floor.



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