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House Of Representatives - Chamber of the Parliamentary Groups

House Of Representatives - Chamber of the Parliamentary Groups



The project, edited by the Studio Petruccioli and Associates, takes over the distribution of the existing House to Floor two levels. The area affected by the intervention measures approximately 2690 square meters.

Upstairs are the services to support activities, or the direction and control of the voting rooms, six cabins for simultaneous translation and service environments. Architectural characterization of upper level is related to the shape of the wall of the Hall and is a real molding suspended, isolated from a glass for soundproofing of the translation cabins.

Downstairs in a central position compared to the two entrances, lies the Hall, going down through 10 flight of stairs towards the speakers podium. The new Hall contains 286 seats in the stalls, plus 7 places for the Presidency speakers. Behind the Hall lead to connective spaces moved by revealing surprising glimpses of double height. The sudden vertical variation of environments, in fact, stops and mitigates the architectural space density. The foyer, placed near the entrances, and security access control booths, galleries are organized in turn, airy and imposing, while the convenience store and services are more intimate and essential environments. There is also a cloakroom, restrooms and reception areas.

The new Hall is intended to accommodate institutional meetings, cultural events, as well as initiatives and events sponsored by the Chamber of deputies or other parties and from this host.

Italian Contribution to the project

Picalarga focused firstly on the detailed design of construction and then made all the wooden structures of the new Hall.

The pews were made out of Oak with a foldaway desk, covered with leather, complete with audiovisual equipment and wiring installation.

Then realized the lining of the walls with a wood milled paneling design mounted to improve sound and sound-proofing of all internal fixtures, doors, fire resistance doors upto 60 minutes and acoustic doors for the cabins for translation and directing.



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